Climate Change

Windmills in wheat field

Together We Are Building a Greener Future

AGC is working to make sure that our members are leading the national conversation about climate change policies and practices that impact the construction industry. And we are making sure member firms have the tools they need to operate as efficiently and responsibly as possible.

The construction industry is the delivery vehicle for building a greener, more climate friendly future. Finding a way to ensure that what our members build is more efficient will have a significant impact on climate change. AGC members have been at the forefront of building green for decades, making communities safer and healthier, and our public infrastructure more efficient and resilient. Improvements to our transportation, building, and industrial sectors will help our communities withstand weather events and conserve natural resources---leading to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Join the Discussion
AGC members are discussing what climate change policies could mean for the construction industry and how contractors can demonstrate leadership in this area. AGC has an ongoing climate change working group and provides educational outreach with AGC members throughout the year. These conversations are helping us identify where we need to focus our efforts as an industry, what tools we can provide AGC members to better understand climate change, and how others will look at us to engage.

2021 Challenges and Opportunities Report
In addition to the resources available in this toolkit, AGC released a 2021 report calling for investment in physical infrastructure and increased funding opportunities and incentives for public and private projects to help make our neighborhoods more resilient.  Association officials identified steps contractors can take to operate more efficiently. This includes encouraging equipment manufacturers to improve the fuel efficiency of their equipment, helping firms learn how to reduce equipment idling and sharing information about industry innovations like solar powered job site trailers and energy efficient job site lighting.  AGC also highlighted the need for expedited permitting for projects that improve efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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