Undergraduate Criteria

Undergraduate Criteria

Application must be submitted online.


  1. Applicant MUST be a second-year student at a two year school who is planning to transfer to a four-year program for the Fall 2015 term, or a rising college sophomore or junior in a four-year program or rising senior (for Fall 2015) in a five-year program. Junior and senior level applicants MUST have one full academic year of coursework remaining at the time of application deadline in the fall of 2014 term (i.e. earliest graduation date of December 2015). High school seniors are not eligible.
  2. Applicant MUST desire a career in the construction industry.
  3. Applicant MUST be a full-time student.
  4. Applicant MUST be enrolled or intend to enroll in either an ABET or an ACCE accredited (or candidate status) program.
  5. Applicant MUST pursue a B.S. degree in construction or construction-related engineering. A dual degree with construction or construction-related engineering as one part is acceptable.
  6. Applicant MUST be a U. S. citizen or documented permanent resident of the United States (i.e. must possess a "permanent resident" card).
  7. Applicant MUST have a minimum GPA of 2.0.


  1. Applicant is responsible for ensuring that all of the following items are submitted by midnight EST November 3, 2014 (grace period is allowed for evaluations ONLY until November 10, 2014):
    1. Completed application.
    2. Evaluation form completed (online) by college faculty member.
    3. Evaluation form completed (online) by an employment supervisor.
    4. Official or unofficial transcript of college grades. Unofficial transcripts are accepted if they clearly indicate the academic institution and student's name. Text versions cut and pasted from the school's web site ARE NOT acceptable.
  2. Spelling and grammar are important and will be considered in the review/rating process.
  3. Incomplete application packages will NOT be considered.


  1. Scholarships are for a maximum of $2,500 per student per year and may be renewable for up to three years of undergraduate study in construction-related engineering, construction, or a dual degree with construction or construction-related engineering as one part.
  2. Applications will be reviewed and winners selected by the AGC Education and Research Foundation Board of Directors.
  3. All applicants selected as finalists will be invited to a personal interview with a representative of the AGC Education and Research Foundation. Finalists will be notified in January/February 2015.
  4. Scholarship winners will be notified in March, 2015 and award(s) will be announced at the AGC Annual Convention.
  5. Checks will be sent directly to recipients in late summer preceding the school year. Checks will NOT be sent to the recipients' college or university.
  6. To be considered for renewal annual award installments, the scholarship recipient is required to provide indications of continued enrollment and good standing (min. 2.0 GPA). Grade transcripts and upcoming class schedules MUST be forwarded at the conclusion of each academic period. Recipients will not be reminded to provide this information; failure to do so will result in non-renewal of scholarship award installments. Recipients are encouraged to seek summer employment in construction during undergraduate enrollment.
  7. For more information, call Melinda Patrician, Director, at (703) 837-5342, email patricianm@agc.org or Michelle Lee-Doyle, Program Coordinator, at (703) 837-5356, email michelle.lee-doyle@agc.org.