Project Steamlining

Improve Project Delivery Retaining Environmental Safeguards While Substantially Shortening the Time it Takes to Complete Reviews and Obtain Permits


  • According to the Federal Highway Administration, major highway projects take approximately 13 years from start to finish.  Much of this time is due to the environmental review process.  With construction materials cost inflation rapidly eroding the purchasing power of the public works dollar, project delays can have a significant impact on the overall cost of a construction project.

AGC Message:

  • Reduce Project Cost and Duration. Delivery of transportation projects takes too long and costs too much. Recent reforms in expediting and streamlining the environmental and permitting process have not been sufficient and should be supplemented.
  • Reduce Permitting Delays. Permit process delays should be reduced by requiring greater coordination among federal agencies reviewing transportation permits, set time limits for review; allow use of federal transportation funds to pay for regulatory staff to expedite reviews and compliance deadlines.
  • Allow DOT to Resolve Disputes. Establish a Cabinet-level appeal process where the U.S. DOT can resolve disputes.