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    Even though our industry is complex, good quality information doesn’t need to be. Placer Solutions Industry Research Reports are making strategic planning fun and easy.

    They aim to ensure that high-quality information is available and accessible at affordable prices. With extensive research conducted through interviews and surveys, our reports are packed with insights that drive informed decision-making.

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    Placer Solutions transforms written reports into dynamic Virtual Technology Summits that gather industry experts, innovators, and leaders to discuss and explore the real-world applications of digital tools.

    Placer Solutions summits provide a platform for in-depth discussions, practical strategies, and networking opportunities, fostering a collaborative environment for the construction industry’s digital transformation.

    Next Summit: July 17th
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    The construction industry is at a turning point with artificial intelligence. Placer Solutions specializes in paving the way forward with A.I. Consulting Services that combine independent expertise with high-impact solutions.

    Our team consists of industry-native experts who have worked with top building contractors and the brightest minds in A.I. technologies from some of the largest software providers in the world.

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