Past Performance Evaluations

Ensure Past Performance Evaluations are Implemented and Conducted Fairly and Consistently


  • Performance evaluations are created and filed by the evaluating officer at the conclusion of a construction project. The evaluations are used as selection criteria for future projects.

AGC Message:

  • Contractors should have the Ability to Review and Rebut Performance Evaluations to Ensure Accuracy. Adverse past performance ratings on government contracts can limit future federal government contracts and problems can arise when information held by the government about a project is incorrect.
  • Afford the Opportunity to Investigate Problems with Subcontractors. The prime contractor should not be penalized for past performance problems of subcontractors before they are given the opportunity to investigate and explain any problems associated with past performance. During the contracting process some subcontractors must be hired due to federal mandates and this can contribute to unsatisfactory reviews.
  • A Neutral, Third Party Review Process Should Examine Evaluations. The review process should include a neutral, third part to maintain a check and balance for this unilateral process. The third party will ensure the accuracy of and the appropriate use of past performance reviews.