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Transportation infrastructure plays a critical part in supporting the nation's economy and the construction industry plays a key role in building, maintaining, and improving the systems. Annual public investment in highway infrastructure is approximately $160 billion, transit infrastructure is approximately $30 billion and airport runway improvement $7 billion. Railroad investment is largely from the private sector and is approximately $30 billion per year.

Despite these investment levels, transportation infrastructure investment is woefully inadequate. AGC of America is a leading advocate for transportation infrastructure investment at the Federal level. AGC chapters nationwide are important proponents of transportation infrastructure investment at the state and local levels.

Current news on legislative and regulatory issues impacting highway and transportation contractors.


A major goal of AGC’s Highway and Transportation Division was accomplished with passage of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act which provides funding for five years for federal highway and transit programs at increased funding levels.  The Act does not increase the gas tax or create any new on-going revenue source for the Highway Trust Fund, but instead continues the trend of general fund transfers off set with non-transportation revenue, allowing the Act to be fully funded through the five year period.

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  • Americans for Transportation Mobility (ATM)(link is external) – AGC serves on the management committee of this US Chamber of Commerce lead coalition ATM is the broad business coalition that has been formed to promote increased transportation infrastructure investment. ATM has initiated the FasterBetterSafer Campaign, a grassroots communication effort to generate support for increased federal transportation investment.
  • Transportation Construction Coalition (TCC) – AGC co-chairs the TCC, a coalition of construction interests focused on highway investment. In addition to "inside the beltway" advocacy, TCC annually holds a Washington Fly-In to get the attention of Congress on the need for transportation investment.
  • American Highway Users Alliance (AHUA) – AGC participates in the activities of AHUA, a broad based transportation coalition founded in 1932 to advocate for the motorist and champion safe and efficient roads.
  • MIleage Based User fee Alliance (MBUFA) – AGC is an active member MBUFA, a coalition formed to support mileage based user fees as a way to provide needed revenue for the federal Highway Trust Fund and for state transportation funds.
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