News Releases

This page offers media the most up–to–date information on hot industry topics including commentary and analysis on the latest trends in construction economics, the impact of legislative, regulatory and environmental issues on the construction industry, and the ways AGC is educating the industry on safety and health initiatives.

Released Headline
03/15/2022 Materials Prices For Nonresidential Construction Soar 21 Percent From February 2021 To February 2022; Association Warns Of More Cost Increases
03/14/2022 Construction Employment Remains Below Pre-Pandemic Levels In 21 States And D.C. As Spiking Materials Prices Hinder Sector’s Recovery
03/04/2022 Construction Industry Adds 60,000 Jobs In February As Hourly Wages Post Steepest Rise Since 1982; Competition For Workers Expected To Intensify
03/01/2022 Construction Spending Rose In January From December And January 2021 But Public Construction Is Being Delayed By Inaction In Washington
02/15/2022 Materials Prices Soar 20 Percent Between January 2021 And January 2022; Contractors’ Bid Prices Accelerate But Continue To Lag Cost Increases
02/10/2022 Senate Democrats’ Proposal To Suspend The Federal Gas Tax Will Not Lower Prices But Will Make It Harder To Fix Roads And Bridges
02/04/2022 Construction Employment Dips In January Despite Record Rise In Wages, Falling Unemployment As Quest For Workers Intensifies Among Industries
02/02/2022 Majority Of Metro Areas Added Construction Jobs In 2021, But Soaring Job Openings Indicate That Labor Shortages Are Only Getting Worse
02/01/2022 Construction Spending Increased In December For The Month And Year, But Nonresidential And Public Construction Lagged Residential Sector
01/25/2022 Construction Jobs In December Trail Pre-Pandemic Mark In 26 States As Most Firms In Association Survey Report Difficulty Filling Positions