Scholarships & Research

The AGC Education and Research Foundation supports the future of our industry.  Thanks to the generosity of AGC members since 1968 and visionary leadership from industry leaders, the Foundation is committed to sustaining quality education through:

  • Scholarships
    • Over 100 students each year benefit from AGC Foundation scholarships. Since 1970, 3,500 scholarships have been awarded, totaling $9 million.
    • New in 2015 - We are excited to announce a new scholarship program, the Workforce Development Scholarship, aimed at craft training and technical programs.  
  • Awards—Two prestigious awards are given annually to an Outstanding Educator in construction education and a notable senior construction student whose entry is chosen as the winner of the James L. Allhands Essay Competition.
  • Research Projects—A growing group of construction faculty are taking advantage of the Faculty Internship initiative that supports faculty members’ work with an AGC contractor for the summer.  Research  resulting in Industry Case Studies  that partner faculty members with AGC contractors will build a library of such studies available to university faculty and industry training programs for use in the classroom.