Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of each individual STP course, participants receive a certificate from the course sponsor. When participants complete the entire program they are eligible to apply for the Supervisory Training Program Certificate of Program Completion.

To qualify for this certificate, participants must:

If you completed AGC's 2015 Edition 6-Unit Supervisory Training Program or blended the previous edition and the new edition please follow the following steps:

If you completed AGC's 10 Unit  Supervisory Training Program please follow the following steps:

  • Complete Units 1-10 of AGC’s Supervisory Training Program
  • Submit their Participant's Registration and Course Evaluation forms from the back of their Participant’s Manuals, signed by their course instructor, after each class to AGC of America.
  • Submit an STP Completion Certificate Application

Completion information will be verified with the course sponsor prior to issuing the certificate. The two overview courses do not count toward certification. Courses do not have to be taken in numerical order.The STP Completion Certificate can be faxed to (703) 837-5402 or emailed to curriculum@agc.org.

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