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Module 3:  Project Administration

This course will assist early-career project managers in identifying the role pre-planning has in affecting the success of a project and furthering their understanding of the different areas of planning for the construction phase of the project.

Following successful completion of Module 3, participants will have the ability to:

  • Discuss how pre-project planning affects the potential success of a project
  • Identify the different areas of planning for the construction phase of a project
  • Describe how building codes, permits, reviews, and inspections have the potential to impact a construction project
  • Identify the importance of scheduling, including the importance of purchasing long-lead items
  • Describe the basics of the Uniform Commercial Code and material handling risks
  • Discuss the importance of document control, including submittals, RFIs, and shop drawings
  • Explain the importance of project closeout and warranty management

Instructor’s Guide; Item No. 7102

Participant’s Manual: Item No. 71021

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