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Module 2:  Contract Administration

This course will provide an understanding of how basic contracts are structured, how different types of contracts are used, and how project documentation relates to effective contracting for early-career project managers.

Following successful completion of Module 2, participants will have the ability to:

  • Discuss how basic contracts are structured, the different types of contracts used in construction projects, and how project documentation relates to effective contracting
  • Identify important contract law and language and how they are related to project risk
  • Distinguish between agent and independent contracts, torts and contractual liability cases, and the difference between criminal and civil proceedings
  • Identify how different project delivery methods use different contracting strategies
  • Describe the process for contract amendments, changes, extensions, and final terms
  • Defend the importance of dispute resolution and good-faith negotiation in resolving contract disputes
  • Distinguish between partial and material breaches and understanding the significance of termination, bankruptcy, and breach of contract claims

Instructor’s Guide: Item No. 7101

Participant’s Manual: Item No. 71011

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