Webinar: Incorporating AGC Case Studies into a Course or Training Event


Incorporating AGC Case Studies into a Course or Training Event

In 2011, the AGC Education and Research Foundation identified a need to develop case studies to support construction education and training. To date, 17 case studies have been developed and are freely downloadable on the AGC Store website. The purpose of this webinar is to ensure that construction educators and company training coordinators and trainers are aware of the case study program, how to access the case studies, and how use of the case studies can enhance their teaching and professional development training programs.

Use of case studies has been adopted by many educators and trainers as an effective way to engage students and trainees and to meet learning objectives. Case studies are short papers about real world issues that have no obvious correct solutions. They are designed to expose current and future leaders to dilemmas that they may face during their careers. Trainees are expected to analytically assess possible ways to respond to a challenging real-world dilemma and present a recommended solution. The trainer serves as a facilitator to encourage participants to respond to questions. Following brainstorming with participants, the trainer shares the actual decisions made by the organization represented in the case study.

The session will start with a discussion of a typical Case Study and its companion Instructor Notes. Then recommended approaches for incorporation of case studies into educational courses and professional training programs will be presented. It is intended that the webinar will be conducted in 45 minutes to enable time for attendees to ask questions. 

Learning Objective 1: Learn how use of case studies can enhance student and trainee learning.
Learning Objective 2: Learn how AGC case studies can be incorporated into courses and company professional development training activities.
Learning Objective 3: Learn how to deliver a case study and engage students or training participants.

To view a complete list of AGC Education and Research Foundation case studies, click here.