WebEd: Millennial Constructors - Planning for the Largest Generation to Build the Future

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Construction employment is projected to grow at a rate of 2.6% each year between 2012 and 2022 according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. The only other industry expected to experience this rate of growth is healthcare. The causes for both of these areas of growth is related. The baby boomers are moving out of the workforce.

While this trend has been delayed by the economic downturn, which forced some boomers to put off retirement, the perspective still holds true. In fact, the delay of boomer retirement likely amplifies the effects of such a transition in the construction workforce.The situation just got real in the U.S. with Millennials, ages 18-34, becoming the largest employed generation in Q1 of 2015. The Millennial generation is expected to grow in prominence for the foreseeable future. With construction employment expected to grow at such a high rate, and with the majority of the additions being Millennials, construction employers need to prepare their workplace, their value/compensation mindsets, and their current employees for change.

With content from The U.S. Census Bureau, the White House Council of Economic Advisers, the Pew Research Center and a multitude of use cases, Mr. Callen will lead a discussion that engages individuals at various levels in an organization. The goal is to identify the differences between generations, and learn to celebrate them rather than loathe them; to prove that different perspectives and backgrounds are not to be taken as threatening, but rather to be accepted as competitive advantages. If we employ certain tactics, we can become an industry that young professionals will flock to, rather than one they will avoid.

Presentation Topics:

• Why should I care about Millennials? Effective Q1 2015, the largest generation of available employees are 18-34 years old, called Millennials. If growth is in your forecast, this generation is most likely what will fuel it.
• Stop trying to change people. Understanding, respecting, and appreciating values of generations. With values that are unique, diverse, and even sometimes contrary, it is vital to understand what will recruit, retain, and motivate this generation.
• Stale Operations - Why some policies, procedures, or even attitudes drive away Millennials. They are the least likely of recent generations to stay at an employer 5 years or longer. How do you beat the odds at retention?
• Celebrate Conflict. No matter the precautions, conflict happens. Expect it, embrace it, and utilize it. Ensure that your team can grow through successful resolution of conflicts, not in spite of it.


Chris Callen
Chief Executive Officer

Builders Plus Construction
Chris Callen grew up spending Friday afternoons, weekends, and breaks from school working in the family construction company. Following high school, Chris went on to attain a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Kansas and immediately upon graduating, Chris spent time in Denver working in IT development. Although most of his training and experience had centered on technology, Chris missed the reward and fulfilment of being in the built environment.

Chris was eventually drawn back into construction after conversations with his family regarding the ever-increasing prominence of technology in the industry. Chris joined Builders Plus in formal capacity in May 2013, and took over as CEO in April 2014. Throughout the time Chris has spent in the company, he has been working alongside his father and mother, leading to an intimate perspective of the generational differences many companies are facing today. 

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