A.I. + Digital Excellence in Construction Virtual Summit

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Join us for the A.I. + Digital Excellence in Construction Virtual Summit, an event that unites the industry's top professionals, technology providers, and subject matter experts in construction.

This summit is a collaborative effort between AGC of America, Placer Solutions, Microsoft, and Procore, designed to make accessible the insights and findings of the A.I. & Digital Transformation in Construction research report by Placer Solutions.

AGC members may send email to Building Division staff to verify membership and receive an exclusive member discount code to register for this event.

Highlights Include:

  • Three specialized tracks: Builder TrackDigitizer Track, and Integrator Track, each designed to address distinct aspects of digital adoption and A.I. integration.
  • Opportunities to engage with thought leaders and pioneers who are steering digital transformation in construction.
  • Interactive sessions that facilitate real-time discussions, problem-solving, and networking with peers.
  • Affordable and practical information that is easily accessible and immediately applicable to your daily operations and strategic planning.