Webinar: Navigating Legal Landmines in Construction Leveraging AI

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This webinar will delve into legal challenges that construction professionals face and discuss how AI can be leveraged to prevent disputes and project delays while reducing costs.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the common legal challenges encountered in construction projects.
  2. Explore the impact of legal challenges on construction projects.
  3. Identify specific AI tools and techniques that can be applied to reduce risks.
  4. Examine the potential time and cost savings associated with leveraging AI for contract review in construction.

Hosted by:


Noory Bechor

With 8 years of experience in corporate law, Noory has been focused on leveraging his legal experience with technology advancements to streamline legal processes for businesses. He founded Superlegal to pioneer contract review automation that combines AI technology and legal expertise to empower construction businesses in significantly cutting down on legal costs and administrative burdens.

Chris Lewis
VP, Operations

Chris has been an attorney for 25 years with a background in real estate and business law, including construction litigation and construction contracts negotiations, representing subcontractors, architects, engineers.

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