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About the AGC Labor and Employment Law Council

The AGC Labor and Employment Law Council is a network of experienced attorneys who regularly represent AGC chapters or contractor members in labor and employment matters. Originally named the AGC Labor Lawyers Council, the group was formed in 1983 in order to "develop and exchange information, and engage in educational endeavors concerning, aiding and benefiting the construction industry." The Council is now an individually incorporated entity with its own treasury, by-laws, and officers.

The Council regularly meets twice a year. Each spring, the Council conducts a one-day symposium in Washington, D.C., where members and distinguished guest speakers provide presentations and engage in discussions about topics of current interest in the construction labor law area. During the afternoon prior to the symposium, the Council traditionally holds a brief business meeting followed by an evening reception for symposium registrants, government officials, and other guests. The other annual event is the Fall Meeting, where participants plan the next spring symposium and discuss current legal developments. All Council members are invited to attend all programs, and AGC chapter staff are invited to attend the spring events.

Eligibility for Membership

The Council has two classes of membership, Regular Member and Retired Member. Regular Members must be licensed attorneys who: (a) have at least five years’ experience representing employers in labor, employment, and/or employee benefits legal matters, (b) regularly represent AGC of America (“AGC”) chapters or AGC-member construction contractors in labor, employment, and/or employee benefits legal matters, and (c) are current in the payment of membership dues in accordance with any requirements established by the Board of Directors. Retired Members are individuals who: (a) have been Regular Members in good standing for at least five of the past eight years, (b) have retired from the full-time practice of law, and (c) are current in the payment of membership dues in accordance with any requirements established by the Board of Directors. If the Retired Member has referred a new Regular Member within five years prior to the date of retirement, the Retired Member’s obligation to pay dues shall be waived in perpetuity; however, such Retired Member must pay dues for any year in which he or she attends the Fall Executive Committee Meeting. All Retired Members shall be entitled to the same benefits of membership as Regular Members.

Membership Dues and How to Join

Annual membership dues are currently $175. Council membership runs on a calendar year, and dues are payable on a full-year basis only (no pro-rating for mid-year payments). Membership is by individual, not by firm. Membership in good standing is not required to be included on the Council mailing list or to attend the symposium, but it confers a registration discount at the symposium, an invitation to the Fall Meeting, eligibility to participate in the Council's Forum (e-mail discussion group), and other benefits. If you believe you qualify for membership and would like to join, please contact the staff contact listed to the right. Please include information about AGC chapters and members that you represent and your complete contact information.

If you are already a Council member and want to pay for your annual dues, click here.