Get Accurate Clock-In and -Out Data, Stop Time Theft and End Tedious Manual Entry with ExakTime by Arcoro 


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Managing paper timecards wastes hours and resources, and it eats into profits. Whether you have one job site or 20, ExakTime’s cloud-based time clock solution helps you manage labor costs and cut processing time. ExakTime’s mobile tracking app and rugged site-based time clocks were created by a construction contractor and our solution is used by over 10,000 companies. 

Payroll Savings Calculator 

Use the ExakTime Payroll Savings Calculator and see how much time and money you may be losing by relying on manual processes or time tracking solutions that weren’t designed for construction. Enter your company’s information for a customized readout of your projected savings by switching to ExakTime. 

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*AGC members receive a 10% discount on Arcoro and ExakTime by Arcoro software fees for new customer contracts or existing customers with new module contracts only. Additional discounts do not apply. Subject to verification of current AGC membership