AGC Members Receive a 10% discount from ExakTime*

Get Accurate Clock-In and Out Data, Stop Time Theft and End Tedious Manual Entry

New! AGC members receive a free 14-day trial + a 10% discount* on new contracts from ExakTime.
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Managing paper time cards wastes hours and resources, and it eats into profits. ExakTime is a digital time tracking system designed specifically for busy contractors, helping you focus more on the work and less on the administration.
ExakTime’s mobile tracking app and rugged site-based time clocks were created by a construction contractor and our solution is used by over 8,500 companies.

Here’s how:

  • App and clock time records sync to cloud software for anywhere access

  • GPS tracking and facial ID verification help eliminate buddy-punching

  • System syncs with your accounting software for payroll

  • OT reporting and mobile forms for labor law compliance

Features like mobile sign-off forms, field notes, and cost code and equipment tracking can help streamline  your time tracking, estimating and payroll processes.
AGC members receive a 10% discount from ExakTime*. Reach out for a free and customized demonstration of the ExakTime solution in action. 

  1. Visit ExakTime.com

  2. Email info@exaktime.com and reference AGC of America

  3. Call 888-788-8463 and mention AGC of America


  1. *10% discount applies to software fees for new contracts only