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Phyllis Harden

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Enterprise Fleet Management

There’s more to managing your company’s vehicles than you might think. 

Of the many figures that go into managing your own vehicles, one matters most to your bottom line – total cost of ownership. It’s the most effective way to measure success in fleet management, and largely determined by what happens between buying and selling your vehicle.

That’s why we’re here – to help AGC members streamline their fleet, improve cash flow and optimize operations every step of the way. From acquisition and risk management, to maintenance and remarketing, Enterprise Fleet Management provides AGC members with quick, easy and personal access to a local account team who will handle all of the day-to-day fleet needs. 

To learn more, visit or call 877-23-FLEET today. 

Acquisition • Funding • Aftermarket Equipment • Full Maintenance • Maintenance Management
Fuel Management • Risk Management Programs • Mobile Resource Management • Driver Safety
Corporate Rental • Registration • Resale • Environmental Programs • Internet Tools

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