Module 5: Leadership

Unit 5: Monitoring and Controlling and Project Closeout

This course will assist early-career project managers to distinguish between leading and managing, develop techniques for motivating and negotiating solutions, managing change, and broaden their awareness ethical standards and professional responsibilities.

Following successful completion of Unit 5, participants will have the ability to:

  • Identify the difference between leading and managing
  • Describe the importance of communication in effective leadership
  • Use techniques for motivating team members and negotiating solutions
  • Explain ethical standards and professional responsibilities
  • Defend the importance of teamwork
  • Identify the basics of leadership tasks
  • Recognize the role of the human resource function in organizations
  • Identify coaching and mentoring opportunities
  • Describe the importance of marketing and leaving customers satisfied through successful project closeout
  • Explain how to effectively manage change
  • Describe how to achieve a healthy balance between work and family