Lean Instructor Resources Page

Lean Instructor Resources Page

Resources and guidance are provided here to help Lean Construction Education Program instructors and understand the instructor approval process and their responsibilities in delivering training.

Once the requirements have been met applicant instructors must complete the online Instructor Approval Form. When completing the form, applicants must select specific examples of requirements listed, provide current contact information and upload their curriculum vitae.



After the application has been received by AGC, an internal review will determine whether all criteria are met. If an instructor applicant for LCEP 2.0 is approved to move forward in the process, they will contact the applicant via phone or email to schedule an interview with a Subject Matter Expert appointed by AGC. During the interview, applicants can expect the SMEs to discuss an applicant’s experience level in Lean construction, experience teaching adult learners, their background and qualifications. The SMEs will determine if the applicant is ready to progress to the next step and become an Associate Instructor. Newly appointed Associate Instructors will receive a digital badge that indicates the combination of the CM-Lean credential and Associate Instructor designation.


Instructor applicants must participate in at least one LCEP 2.0 course as an Associate Instructor before moving on to the Lead Instructor designation. Newly appointed Associate Instructors will be provided a link to the available courses they may be able to attend in order to satisfy their participation as an Associate instructor. Assistance in these courses will include discussion facilitation, breakout rooms, and learn to facilitate games and simulations from Lead Instructors. Upon completion of at least one LCEP 2.0 course, Lead Instructors of the courses will determine readiness for the next step. Upon approval, Associate Instructors will be issued a Lead Instructor digital badge indicating the receipt of the combined CM-Lead credential and the Lead Instructor status. Their contact information will be added to the Approved Instructor list that is shared with Chapters who are interested in hosting in-seat LCEP 2.0 courses.


While Associate Instructors have the option to purchase materials, Lead Instructors of LCEP 2.0 are required to purchase the Participant Manuals before the start of the course they will be instructing. These materials will be available on the AGC Marketplace. They will also have access to AGC’s Learning Management System to review additional resources. The Lead Instructor designation is awarded for three years. Those who wish to remain Lean Instructors will need to instruct at least two LCEP courses within that time, submit a renewal application, and upload an updated resume, otherwise the Lean Instructor designation will expire.


Course instructors/ administrators are required to document attendance utilizing the classroom roster template provided below. Students must attend at least 90% of each unit to receive credit for completion of a course.

Following the completion of classroom instruction, course instructors/administrators must upload the completed roster template provided to the Upload Course Roster button below.

Rosters that are not submitted online will not be entered into the AGC Nationwide Curriculum Database.


Each student who successfully finishes training should be recognized with a certificate of completion. Download the Certificate of completion template below.


AGC wants your feedback to improve this course and the manuals used to present it. You are asked to make comments about your experience in this course through our online evaluation (link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/7ZZJGRB). Your comments will help AGC make this course more effective in the future. Please encourage attendees to fill out an evaluation form as well for each unit using our attendee online evaluation form (link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WQPSP9C).