CM-Lean ​Renewal Requirements

CM-Lean ​Renewal Requirements

As outlined in the CM-Lean Candidate Guide, the CM-Lean credential is valid for three (3) years. The CM-Lean was designed to denote knowledge and understanding of concepts related to Lean Construction adoption, practice and process transformation outlined in AGC’s Lean Construction Education Program. Because Lean Construction concepts are always evolving, individuals need to keep current with these advancements and continue their learning through continuing education.

Renewal Process for CM-Lean Holders:

  1. Prior to the three-year anniversary, the CM-Lean holder must submit thirty (30) hours of Lean Construction-related continuing education (CE) hours (click here or click the CM-Lean Renewal icon to the right). 
  2. Once all CE hours are submitted and approved, applicants may submit the $100.00 CM-Lean renewal fee (click here).
  3. CM-Lean holders will receive an updated digital badge, and their credential will be valid for an additional three (3) years.

To learn more about the CM-Lean renewal process, review the CM-Lean Renewal Guidelines. You also may view a list of CM-Lean learning opportunities that offer CE credits.

Failure to Renew:

If a CM-Lean holder fails to renew their credential before their renewal date they will be placed in a probationary period for six (6) months. After the six (6) month probationary period and up to one (1) year past their renewal date, a CM-Lean holder must pay an increased renewal fee of $250.00 USD and submit their continuing education credit to renew their credential.  

Those who fail to submit their continuing education credit and renewal payment after one (1) year past their renewal date lose the right to use the CM-Lean designation in all its forms. If an individual seeks to regain their CM-Lean status after one (1) year, they may only do so after retaking and passing the most recent version of the CM-Lean exam at their own expense. If the most recent version of the CM-Lean exam differs from the exam the individual originally took to earn the credential, it may be necessary for that individual to retake the Lean Construction Education Program (LCEP) courses, although it is not a requirement.