WebEd:Using Mileage Based User Fees to Meet Transportation Investment Needs

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This webinar will discuss using a mileage based user fee to fund future transportation construction projects, state pilot programs to test the concept and federal grant funds available to support the pilots. The Federal motor fuels tax has been the primary source of revenue for the Highway Trust Fund providing states with funding to build the National Highway System. While the user fee approach to meeting infrastructure needs is popular in concept, more fuel efficient vehicles and an increase in the use of vehicles run on alternative energy sources has decreased the amount of funding available. In addition, increasing the motor fuels tax is politically difficult. Is a mileage based user fee in your state’s future?

Learning Objectives
  • Understand mileage based user fees: how they work, how they might be collected, on what they are based, where have they been tried.
  • Learn how California is gearing up to test its approach to mileage based fees.
  • What does your state have to do to test this user fee approach.
  • Which states have been awarded grants from US DOT to test alternative user fee concepts.
  • What funding will be available in the future and how does your state apply.


Jack Basso
Mileage Based User Fee Alliance
Robert Arnold
Director - Office of Transportation Management
U.S. Department of Transportation
Malcolm Dougherty
California Department of Transportation (CalTrans)


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