Lean Construction Advanced Virtual Workshop: Identifying Project Constraints Leads to More Reliable Planning

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On almost every project we coach, one or more project team members ask, “How do you get the foremen to share so much good information? You always seem to ask such good questions.” That skill will be the focus of this workshop.

But before we tell you how we do it, let’s talk about why this skill matters. Asking these questions is the key to identifying constraints, i.e., risks to the planned flow of the project. And, identifying constraints is the first step in make-ready planning which is one of the most beneficial steps you can take for more reliable workflow, schedule reduction and greater overall project success.

So how do we ask such good questions? Our secret is a combination of visualization (like painting a scene for ourselves and others) and planning through questions to fill in that scene.

This advanced 4-hour workshop is divided into two 2-hour virtual sessions. In these sessions, participants will: 

  • Experience the power of visualization by participating in an exercise; 
  • Practice using visualization to support operations planning and paint a picture for others;
  • Rehearse asking questions of subject matter experts to fill in the picture without filing in the details yourself; and
  • Utilize a basic outline of information needed to fill in the details of an operations plan.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn a powerful skill that will serve you in all aspects of your projects.

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Colin Milberg, ASKM and Associates