Digital Badge and Certificate Information

AGC of America now issues digital certificates and badges through Accredible that allow education attendees to highlight their achievements digitally through the professional network (e.g. LinkedIn) and email signatures, as well as allow them to print their own certificates. Certificates of completion will now be delivered this way for Supervisory Training Program (STP), Project Manager Development Program (PMDP) and Construction Supervision Fundamentals (CSF).

A digital badge is a valid indicator of an accomplishment, skill, quality or interest that can be displayed, accessed and verified online. To learn more about digital badging, click here. To view a sample digital badge and certificate, click here .

Digital Badge Features:

Always Accessible - You never have to worry about losing your certificate. Your accomplishment will always be present online through the Accredible platform.

Easily Share-able -  You can easily showcase and share your digital certificate to any of your preferred social network such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or add it to your email signature.

Privacy Controlled - You are able to control the searchability and decide if your achievement is discoverable on search engines or you can set it to private and share it with only selected people. How and when their achievements are shared is up to you.

Security + Storage - No issues with your accomplishment being sent to the wrong address. Only you receive your certificate, and only you can make changes to it. We hold on to your certificate so you can always view and retrieve it. Anyone who views your certificate can see that you earned your certificate of completion and verify its authenticity.

Print at Any Time - You can easily view, save, download and print a high-quality PDF of your certificate on demand.

Learning, Verified - User achievements can be verified at any time. When you share your achievement on LinkedIn it will be linked to your live certificate on the Accredible platform.

Retrieve Your Certificate - Misplaced your certificate delivery email? All you need is your email to retrieve your certificates at any time. To retrieve it, please enter your email address here.

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