Call for Presentations Environmental Compliance and Management Issues

AGC's 2020 Construction Safety, Health and Environment Conference

July 14-16, 2020, Louisville, KY

AGC is looking for presentation proposals covering environmental issues as well as those cross-over topics that would appeal to a broader audience of safety, Health & Environmental professionals.  Please read the guidelines before completing this proposal form, where you will find AGC’s expectations of all presenters, discussion leaders and panelists.

Once you have taken that step, please use the following form to submit your proposal to deliver a presentation or to lead a panel discussion during the 2020 conference. Please provide all required information. (The required fields are marked with an asterisk.) If the information requested is not relevant to your particular proposal, please insert “Not Applicable” or “N/A” on the form.

The deadline for submitting your proposal (and any additional information or materials that you would like AGC to consider) is Friday, February 28, 2020 (deadline extended).

IMPORTANT NOTE: This call for presentations covers only environmental issues as well as those cross-over topics that would appeal to a broader audience of SH&E professionals.  If you are interested in presenting on strictly safety & health issues only, please contact and we will direct you to the appropriate staff person handling those conference sessions.

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(exactly as you would like it to appear in the conference materials)
Regular attendees for the environmental issues sessions are emerging and senior environmental professionals or SH&E professionals who work directly for construction companies or AGC chapters – as well as other professionals who provide environmental services and products to the construction industry. AGC welcomes presentations and panel discussions intended to appeal to all or any significant segment of this group. Please identify the audience that you would like your session to target and provide the reason(s) why you believe your session would appeal to that audience.
AGC intends to provide continuing education credit for the conference, which means that AGC’s expectations will be higher. You will, for example, have to meet deadlines for materials and work with AGC to draft learning objectives and assessment questions based on your material. Are you able to meet this commitment?
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