AGC CM-Lean Exam Application

Exam Schedule for 2021 Holiday Season:
The last exam to be posted for 2021 will be December 15. Applications must be received by December 10 to be processed for this exam.
Exams will resume with the January 15th posting. Applications received between December 11 and January 10 will be processed into this exam.

The AGC Certificate of Management-Lean Construction (CM-Lean) is an assessment-based certificate credential that denotes knowledge and understanding of concepts related to lean adoption, practice and process transformation outlined in AGC’s Lean Construction Education Program.

The AGC CM-Lean Exam Application should only be filled out once all seven Lean Education Program courses have been taken. Applications will not be processed if all units have not been completed by the application date.

Once received and reviewed you will receive a follow-up email with details related to next steps.

Virtual exams are published twice a month on the 15th and 30th. Applications must be received by the 10th or 25th or applicants will be placed in the next exam group

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Participants who successfully complete the Lean Construction Education Program and pass the exam can be recognized for their accomplishment on the AGC CM-Lean Holders web directory.