Enterprise Discount

AGC of America and Enterprise Fleet Management (EFM) have partnered together to offer AGC members discount prices on fleet vehicles and comprehensive fleet management programs. If you are in the market to purchase new vehicles, start or adjust your current fleet, contact EFM to check on the latest offer.

  1. What is Enterprise Fleet Management?

    Enterprise Fleet Management (EFM) is a division of Enterprise Rent-A-Car that manages commercial vehicle fleets for businesses across the United States. Enterprise has been doing business for 50 years and has more than 850,000 vehicles currently under their management.

  2. Can I acquire new vehicles through Enterprise Fleet Management?

    Yes. Enterprise Fleet Management (EFM) will make sure AGC members get the greatest incentives possible at the time of delivery. Since Enterprise is the largest purchaser of vehicles in the United States, EFM can offer the best prices on new vehicles.

  3. Can I use my AGC member discount with GM, in combination with Enterprise Fleet Management?

    Yes. You can combine the AGC member discount with other GM incentives for big savings! An example of the possible savings is below:

    GM Savana Cargo Van
    MSRP: $25,011
    Dealer Invoice: $22,011
    FVX Fleet Incentive: Less $1,500
    AGC GM Incentive: Less $2,000

    AGC Member Price: $18,511
  4. What other services can I get with Enterprise Fleet Management?

    Discounts on vehicle prices are just one of many benefits of this program. Other benefits offered by EFM include:

    • Flexible vehicle funding programs that can lower monthly vehicle payments up to 20%! Commercial leasing programs are also available that allow for high mileage commercial driving.
    • EFM's ASE certified technicians will protect, repair and maintain your vehicle, for one low monthly fee. This vehicle maintenance program can save AGC members up to 15%, by offering better rates on maintenance and repair costs.
    • A universal fuel card that is accepted at over 95% of fueling stations in the U.S. and is billed on a monthly basis. With EFM’s fleet card program you can better control spending on fuel and other purchases.
    • The highest amount possible for your used cars and trucks since Enterprise sells more than 500,000 vehicles per year
    • Management of all the requirements to have your vehicles licensed and registered to you.
    • Risk Management programs and resources for your fleet.
    • Provide your company with online and/or offline reports on all aspects of the vehicles EFM manages for you.
    • Personalization of any necessary aftermarket equipment on or in your vehicle with the latest equipment and accessories.
  5. How much can I save by working with Enterprise Fleet Management?

    Since vehicle fleet needs of AGC members vary greatly, no one single solution will fit all members. Enterprise Fleet Management will work with each AGC member to tailor a fleet program to meet their specific needs at the lowest price possible.