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The AGC Education and Research Foundation offers undergraduate and graduate level scholarships to students enrolled in ABET or ACCE-accredited construction management or construction related engineering programs. Over $8 million in scholarships have been awarded to more than 3,000 students attending colleges and universities across the country. The criteria to apply for undergraduate and graduate scholarships outlines the eligibility to apply. Below are answers to some commonly asked questions.

Click on the box on this page to apply for the AGC Education and Research Foundation national scholarship-to see if there is also a local scholarship program sponsored by the AGC Chapter in your home state or the state in which your school is located, click here to find contact information for chapters across the nation.

Congratulations to the 124 recipients of the 2014 AGC Education and Research Foundation Scholarship!

Thanks to the AGC contractors who generously gave of their time to interview finalists for the 2014-15 AGC Education and Research Foundation Scholarship.

Meet Four AGC Scholarship Recipients!

Robert Hogan, Georgia Tech University
Lynnsee Turner, University of Oklahoma
Andrew Hricovec, University of Nebraska
Jose Buenrostro, Cal State University Sacremento

Who's eligible?

Undergraduate Scholarships: Rising college sophomores, juniors and seniors enrolled or planning to enroll in a full-time, two, four or five-year ABET or ACCE-accredited construction management or construction-related engineering program are eligible to apply. High school seniors are not eligible. Students enrolled in accredited junior college programs or who have plans to transfer to a four-year institution may apply. 

Graduate Scholarships: College seniors enrolled or planning to enroll in a graduate- level construction management or construction-related engineering degree program as a full-time student are eligible.

How much money is available?

Our renewable undergraduate scholarships are worth $2,500 per year for each year of undergraduate study, up to a maximum of $7,500. Over 100 new scholarships are awarded each year. There is no application fee.

The AGC Education and Research Foundation scholarship is a national scholarship, open to students across the country.  Many AGC state chapters have scholarship programs as well. Check with the AGC chapter in your state or the state in which your school is located to find out more about chapter-level scholarship programs.

The Saul Horowitz, Jr. Memorial Graduate Award and the Heffner Scholarships for Graduate Students are $7,500 over two years, paid in annual installments of $3,750. It is also possible to win a graduate scholarship for one year.

How do you apply?

Applications will ONLY be accepted online. Apply online at Scholarship applications for the 2015-16 academic year will be available online July 1 through November 3.

What is the deadline to enter?

Applications must be completed by midnight EST on November 3 ,2014.

When will scholarship recipients receive their money?

All scholarship semi-finalists will be notified in February. Upon completion of a personal interview with an AGC contractor and final recommendation by the contractor, your scholarship check will be mailed to you in August, just prior to the Fall term.

Aaron Janz
Dakota State University, Warren and Irene Diederich Scholarship
Aegir Olsen
University of Washington, Consulting Constructors Council Scholarship
Alanna Ottenberg
The Pennsylvania College of Technology, Stanley F. Pepper Scholarship
Albert Perez
Eastfield College, William H. Ratz Memorial
Alex Mahon
Bowling Green State University, Build America Scholarship
Andrew Corcoran
Iowa State University, Irving F. Jensen Memorial Scholarship
Andrew Croskrey
Washington State University, Robert B. McEachern Scholarship
Andrew Eigsti
Kansas State University, Stanley F. Pepper Scholarship
Andrew Jones
Montana State University, James D. Pitcock Scholarship
Angela Matika
University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Turner Construction Company Scholarship
Ansley Bucheit
Georgia Institute of Technology, G. Von Anderson Memorial Scholarship
Brad Konkel
University of Wisconsin, Stout Lynn Legault Memorial Scholarship
Brandon Ballard
San Diego University, Douglas and Nancy Barnhart CM Scholarship
Brian Ward
Bucknell University, Steve and Pam Massie Scholarship
Brooke Srocynski
University of Dayton, AGC Speciality Contractors Council & Supplier Service Providers Council Scholarship
Clayton Cheek
Clemson University Carolinas, AGC Caldwell Barringer and Gilliam Scholarship
Daniel Eller
University of West Florida, Frank Schneller Memorial Scholarship
David Beane
Murray State University, William J. Kressenberg Memorial Scholarship
Derrick Clark
Alfred State College, Build America Scholarship
Dmitri Skrinik
SUNY ESF, Paul B. Richards Scholarship
Emily Benjamin
Northern Arizona University, William S. and Shirley C. McIntyre Scholarship
Eric Quam
University of Wisconsin, Stout, Build America Scholarship
Griffin Doninger
Central Connecticut State University, Judith and James Pizzagalli Scholarship
Hector Gonzales
Florida International University, Turner Construction Company Scholarship
Jake Kern
Illinois State University, Central Illinois Builders - William M. Kuhne Scholarship
James Chapeton
SUNY Delhi, Paul B. Richards Scholarship
James Hillegas
University of Akron, Build America Scholarship
James Noland
Clemson University, Stephen P. Gennett Honorary Scholarship
Jeff Baxter
Pittsburg State University, The Constructor Scholarship
Jenna Koelker
Iowa State University, Weitz Company Scholarship
Jessica Cobb
University of Cincinnati, Kokosing Construction Company Scholarship
Jill Vande Boom
Milwaukee School of Engineering, James D. Pitcock Scholarship
John Harris
San Diego State University, Douglas and Nancy Barnhart CM Scholarship
Jose Nino
John Brown University, Turner Construction Company Scholarship
Joseph Vantassel
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Paul B. Richards Scholarship
Karissa Baughman
University of Central Missouri, Al and Gracie Landes Scholarship
Kent Beecham
Cal Polytechnic, Zachary Construction Scholarship
Kyle Goodrich
Michigan State, William S. and Shirley C. McIntyre Scholarship
Kyle Gillen
University of Massachusetts Amherst, Ciabro Corporation Scholarship
Lauren Bohannon
Pittsburg State University, Stanley F. Pepper Scholarship
Luis Manrique
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Robert and Rita Desjardins Scholarship
Matti Joyner
New Mexico State University (Las Cruces), B.B. And Betty Ellen Armstrong Scholarship
Megan Maki
Marquette University, Consulting Constructors Council Scholarship
Melody Miller
University of Alaska Anchorage, AGC Specialty Contractors Council and Supplier Service Providers Council Scholarship
Menczel Gogo
Polytechnic Institute of NYU, Bowen Engineering Minority Scholarship
Michael Leiker
University of Alaska Anchorage, Consulting Constructors Council Scholarship
Michael Salguero
Valparaiso University, Turner Construction Company Scholarship
Michael Degroot
California State University Sacramento, Consulting Constructors Council Scholarship
Michaela LaPatin
Bucknell University, Howard R. Hunt Memorial Scholarship
Michelle Rostami
University of Washington, Frank Young Sr. Memorial Scholarship
Mike Gagnon
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Textura Scholarship
Nablul Haseeb
City College of New York, AGC Specialty Contractors Council and Supplier
Nasrudin Ebrahim
Arizona State University, Bowen Engineering Minority Scholarship
Natalie Bouley
Northern Arizona University, Weitz Company Scholarship
Ramiro Platas
University of Houston, Tom F. and Mary Kay Steele
Reanna Coggins
Georgia Southern University, Comp Trust AGC MCIC of Georgia Scholarship
Rebecca Rokicki
Roger Williams University, PC Construction Company
Richard Melo
Wentworth Institute of Technology, Paul and Adrienne Stella Scholarship
Rosni Pann
California State University, Sacramento, Build American Scholarship
Ryan Kahrs
California Baptist University, Griffith Company-- James D. and Lynne S. Waltze Scholarship
Ryan Lopez
University of Oklahoma, Consulting Constructors Council Scholarship
Samantha Wallace
Milwaukee School of Engineering, Sam and Ann Hunter Jack & Maggie Kelley Scholarships
Sara Pohl
University of New Mexico, J. Howard and Judy Mock Scholarship
Sara Quitugua
Oregon State University, Connie and Lee Kearney Scholarship
Savanna Sampson
Polytechnic Institute of NYU, Paul B. Richards Scholarship
Sergio Ortega-Trujano
University of Washington, Build America Scholarship
Seth Morken
North Dakota State University, Diederich Family Scholarship
Taylor Landry
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Bud and Mary Madigan Scholarship
Thomas Shields
University of Washington, AGC Specialty Contractors Council & Supplier Service Providers Council Scholarship
Tim Adams
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, James L. Allhands memorial Scholarship
Tim Ryall
Pennsylvania College of Technology, Robert B and Celin Fay Scholarship
Timo Havens
SUNY ESF, Paul B. Richards Scholarship
Tomas Kovalcik
Syracuse University, Paul B. Richards Scholarship
Travis Zucca
California State University, Sacramento, AGC Specialty Contractors Council & Supplier Service Providers Council Scholarship
Trevor Thompson
Western Kentucky University, William J. Kressenberg Memorial Scholarship
Tucker Osterberg
Minnesota State University, Mankato, Construction Leadership Council Scholarship
Tuyet Truong
Arizona State University, John R. Lamberson Scholarship
Whitney Waddle
University of Washington, James D. Pitcock Scholarship
Eric Vechan
Mississippi State University, Saul Horowitz Memorial Scholarship
Erica Pagliughi
Arizona State University, The Maine Group Scholarship
Skyler Holloway
Stanford University, Heffner Graduate Scholarship

The AGC Education and Research Foundation Thanks AGC Member Contractors and ACG Chapter Staff

Each year, AGC contractors and AGC chapter staff across the country generously donate their time to interview finalists for AGC scholarships. These interviews are very important to our process of ensuring that recipients are indeed serious about their careers in the industry and will be an asset when they arrive. The response from the contractors who are asked to conduct interviews is overwhelmingly positive and more so after they meet the students, who appreciate the opportunity to interact with these industry leaders.

The AGC Education and Research Foundation Thanks AGC Member Contractors and AGC Chapter Staff

MikeSwallingSwalling Construction Co.
RussellHarrisBailey-Harris Construction
CarlMcKinneyConstruction Admin, University of Alabama
Rodney RobinsonBailey-Harris Construction
D.B. Hill IIICranford Asphalt
BarryPaceleyPaceley Constructors
Ron WilsonMortenson Construction
ThomasRogersNorthern Arizona University
SethBoles Hensel Phelps Construction
ThomasBrownSierra Pacific West Inc.
Ron BrownBrown Construction Inc.
ScottMaxwellUnger Construction Co.
Jim McLambClark Construction
Henry MeierSwinerton
Brett MykrantzDeacon
Bob OlsenJR Roberts
Stephen PoindexterAmerican Paving Co.
RodWinkleFranklin Construction
ThomasAndersenBartlett Brainard Electric
MattBolesAlabama AGC--NW Florida
BradWilliamsDabbs-Williams Gen'l. Cntrs. LLC
Mike EspesetStory Construction Co.
JoeMeulemanMeuleman and Mollerup
DavePepperPepper Construction Company
ScottPepperPepper Construction Company
DougBowenBowen Engineering Corp
RobertBowenBowen Engineering Corp
WayneSloanBHS Construction
Ben MayTitan Contracting and Leasing
BarryMcDonaldBill Adams Construction
CraigSchwettmanPinnacle, Inc.
BudMadiganF.W. Madigan Co.
FranMadigan IIIF.W. Madigan Co.
Joseph H.JarboeClark Construction Group, LLC
ChadRiehlClark Construction
MikeCairlRyan Construction
ChuckKillingerDalton-Killinger Constr. Co.
Matthew J.PfundTarlton Corporation
Michael SwiftThomas McGee, L.C.
GeorgeMaloufMalouf Construction LLC
JasonMartelMartel Construction
North Carolina
Bruce KohnFaulconer Construction
North Dakota
PaulDiederichIndustrial Builders, Inc.
Rod BerensKingery Construction
New Mexico
Brian BurnettBohannon Huston Inc.
BrianRodriguezJaynes Corporation
New York
RickEastmanEastman Associates Inc.
LauraImperialeTully Construction
DaveKafelTurner Construction Co.
BrendanManningAGC HYS, LLC
DudleySuttonVantage Equipment
FredThompsonLeChase Construction Services
ChuckWinterAndron Construction Corporation
GregoryWolfAlexander Wolf & Son
TimothyBeischelBeischel Building Co.
MikeDeiwertRuhlin Construction Company
Gary HaasIPS Contractor
DannyHancockCowen Construction
PeteWertHaskell Lemon Constr. Co.
TomGerdingT. Gerding Construction Co.
Bob LeaheyGM McCrossin
Joe LeaheyGM McCrossin
South Carolina
JamesBraswellLangston Construction Co.
Tom FuduricThe Harper Corporation
WarrenAndresAndres Construction
GuyCookeTellepsen Preconstruction
Bob FlowersJ.E. Dunn
Marty GarzaSundt Construction Co.
Brett PartridgeLayton Construction Co.
ToddMorganMB Contractors
Bob BarrettSellen Construction
Gene ColinFerguson Construction
TerryDeenyDeeny Construction Company
JeffFousheeFoushee and Associates
SteveHoffmanGLY Construction
Max KuneyMax J. Kuney Company
JohnSchaufelbergerUniversity of Washington
ChadBathkeVJS Construction Services
Jerry SheaMarket and Johnson, Inc.