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Industry Priorities

Susan Harwood Grants

Support Susan Harwood Training Grant Program Funding and Appropriate Congressional Oversight of the Program


  • OSHA awards Susan Harwood Training Grants to non-profit organizations. Grants are awarded to provide training and education programs for employers and employees on safety and health hazards in their workplaces. Of increasing concern is the lack of funding for the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program. In recent years the Administration has provided no funding for the Program, while Congress has added funds during the appropriations process.

AGC Message:

  • Continued Adequate Support for the Susan Harwood Training Grant. AGC urges continued adequate support for this program to provide non-profit entities assistance in offering training to improve safety in the workplace. AGC, with our members, work to develop programs to prevent work-related injuries and guidance to provide safe jobsites which are shared across the country. The mission of AGC has been to actively pursue educational and training opportunities for the construction industry.
  • Quality Safety Training. AGC has provided quality technical safety training to thousands of general contractors, specialty contractors, and subcontractors on safety and OSHA compliance offices in all 50 states, including variations for state OSHA regulations. AGC focuses special attention on the challenges of reaching non-members, hard-to-reach workers and use a variety of techniques to improve program attendance and distribution. For the seventh year in a row, AGC has received the Department of Labor's Susan Harwood Grant to provide safety training programs geared towards the emphasizing safety practices OSHA regulations.
  • Improve Outreach and Training. AGC has trained over 9,000 individuals, through the Susan Harwood Training Grants, in the OSHA Steel Erection Standard, Fall Protection Training and the Focus Four Hazards in Construction Training Seminars in 52 AGC Chapters; and distributed of over 40,500 training CDs in English and Spanish as well as over 60,000 educational handouts on the same issues mentioned above. AGC continues to encourage the industry to attend these FREE training programs.
  • Proactive Approach to Ensuring Safety and Health in the Construction Industry. AGC is proactive in our approach to the safety and health of workers across the nation by advocating an even-handed approach, with an emphasis on training and education to avoid accidents, enforcement action on bad actors, and a cooperative relationship with OSHA for preventive measures.
Industry Priorities: 
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