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Phyllis Harden

Legislative & Special Projects, Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel
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Industry Priorities


Oppose OSHA's Efforts to Increase Record-Keeping Requirements


  • OSHA and MSHA continue to overly burden employers with recordkeeping requirements either directly in the rulemaking process or through the exposure to liability created by the rulemaking.

AGC Message:

  • Oppose increase of record-keeping requirements and liability. Through the rulemaking process, regulating agencies increase the liability and recordkeeping requirements for employers regularly. These rules and pressures to track information such as inspections, training, subcontractor activities, discussions and processes continue to burden employers in the construction industry. Increased burden of recordkeeping requirements and liability issues forces employers to reallocate more resources in administrative costs to keep up with the demand of paperwork and tracking systems, which lessens the resources available for true safety on job sites across the country.
  • Increased impact on Small Businesses. Increased recordkeeping and paperwork requirements add burdens on small employers who struggle with the amount of administrative duties for each job. The impact of recordkeeping requirements for small businesses must be evaluated with each rule proposed by the regulating agencies through the Small Business Regulatory Fairness Act.
Industry Priorities: 
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