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March 15, 2022, 3:30 PM ET | 12:30 PM PT

Changes in presidential administrations have a significant impact on the construction industry, creating a climate of uncertainty about construction regulation shifts and how they impact businesses. The Biden Administration, Congress, and federal agencies are issuing a barrage of new rules and regulations every day with which your construction business must comply. But not all regulations are equal. Some are in effect in a matter of months while others linger for years.

In this webinar, regulation experts from AGC of America will provide you with tools and strategies to help your business navigate the shifting regulatory landscape.

Topics Covered

  • How are regulations issued?
  • Who determines the final requirements?
  • What trends in construction regulation have changed between presidential administrations?
  • What can the construction industry expect from the Biden Administration in 2022?
  • How soon can we expect regulations to take effect?

And much more…

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