What's Next with AGC's Decarbonization Playbook?

AGC recently released a new resource that provides contractors with tools to communicate effectively with project teams and successfully navigate the complexities of carbon reporting for a project. It describes a process for identifying accountability, what to track and report, and how to do so.  Next steps? AGC has some options for you to learn more about the playbook and carbon reporting in general.

  1. Download Playbook:
  2. Introduction to Climate Change in Construction – Half Day Summit on July 15 in St. Louis, MO: (Peer and small group learning opportunity; geared towards all construction markets, prime and specialty contractors looking for an introduction to the topic and more in-depth on AGC’s playbook.)
  3. Earth Day Briefing Video:
  4. ConstructorCast Podcast:

The market demands for carbon reporting, low embodied carbon materials, and lower emissions projects continue to grow.  AGC will continue to provide education and outreach on this topic to help contractors prepare to succeed on these projects, so stay tuned.

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