AGC Welcomes New Members to AGC's Environmental Forum Steering Committee

AGC is pleased to announce the appointment of new members to serve on its Environmental Forum Steering Committee.  Members of the steering committee have direct access to federal regulatory officials, influence over AGC’s environmental agenda, and a means to exchange valuable information with one another and industry peers.  Join us in welcoming the new members.

New members:

  • Chair: David Liverseed, Mortenson Construction
  • David Bufo, McCarthy Holdings
  • Shaun Flater, Flatiron
  • Christopher Lund, Lane Construction

Existing members:

  • James Ball, Hawkins Construction Co.
  • Brittany Conrady, Kiewit Infrastructure South Co.
  • Olivia Cramm, Big D Construction Corp.
  • Christopher Ennes, Ames Construction, Inc.
  • Joseph Foglio, GZA GeoEnvironmental
  • Russ Foster, JF Shea Construction
  • Sherri Mantanona, Bio Logical, LLC
  • Graham McFall, Mortenson Construction
  • Tina Mudd, Granite Construction
  • Brooke Muhlack, Knife River Midwest, LLC
  • Amethyst Roebuck, PAR Electrical Contractors, Inc.
  • D. Grant Runyon, Fox Contractors Corp.
  • Jill Uyeda, Hawaiian Dredging Construction Co., Inc.

About the Steering Committee

The steering committee oversees AGC’s Environmental Forum that includes all of the AGC members and chapter professionals who (1) subscribe to AGC’s Environmental Observer newsletter on environmental issues and (2) have expressed a specific interest in those issues.  Forum members also can opt to participate in AGC’s Environmental e-Forum. The Forum is a great way to interact among environmental professionals and find opportunities to participate in AGC policymaking on environmental matters.

The steering committee members work within the horizontal and vertical construction markets.  Together, they have expertise and interest in the environmental issues that impact the daily work of construction-from compliance and environmental management to green construction. In addition, they have represented AGC membership in meetings with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other organizations.  On a routine basis, they play a key role in advancing AGC’s environmental advocacy, education and outreach efforts.  Steering committee members typically volunteer to serve a three-year term.

AGC’s Environmental Forum welcomes all AGC members and chapter staff who have an interest in the environmental issues impacting the construction industry.  It’s FREE to join the Forum; go to to sign up today.

If you have any questions about how to get involved in AGC’s Environmental Forum, please contact Melinda Tomaino at

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