Federal Highway Administration Apportions $52.5 billion as part of the Infrastructure Bill

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) released its apportionment notice, which informs states how much money they are eligible for. The $52.5 billion in apportioned funding for Fiscal Year 2022 represents an increase of more than 20% as compared to Fiscal Year 2021 for Federal-aid Highway Program apportionments. This funding is distributed annually by FHWA for the Federal-aid Highway Program based on a statutory formula contained in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. However, because the government is operating under a continuing resolution, states will not have access to about 20 percent of the funds. 

Here are the details:

  • The new programs and funding levels that the IIJA calls for must be provided for through a new FY22 funding bill.
  • As Congress could not agree to new spending levels for FY22 in October when the FY21 bill expired, they’ve since passed two clean, short-term extensions of that funding that do not account for new spending that laws passed since that date have called for.
  • The most recent extension does not expire until February 18, 2022.
  • This means, without quicker Congressional action, states will not be able to access the IIJA’s roughly 20% funding increase for Highway Trust Fund formula programs, along with any new transportation programs the law created.

AGC, along with other stakeholders, is calling on Congress to pass a new FY22 transportation-related government funding bill as soon as possible that will provide full funding for all new and increased spending in the IIJA.

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