AGC Reaches out to Federal Agencies on COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

September 23, 2021

Guidance Expected as soon as September 24

On September 16, AGC reached out to the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force, Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Council and other federal agencies to highlight the uniqueness of the construction industry, the many safety measures contractors have implemented throughout the pandemic, and to advocate for clear guidance on the vaccination mandate for all direct federal contractors—general contractors and subcontractors at all tiers. Please note that this mandate does not apply to federally-assisted construction contracts—like those through state departments of transportation—or grants. The Task Force is expected to issue guidance on September 24 and the FAR Council is tasked with issuing contract clauses by October 15.

Direct federal contracts can expect this requirement in all new solicitations, contracts, extensions, renewals, etc., starting as early as October 15. This mandate will not impact existing federal construction contracts. Task Force has yet to define key terms like “contractors workplace locations.” These types of definitions will be crucial in understanding the breadth of the vaccination requirements. 

AGC of America has gathered resources to assist its members facing COVID-19 vaccine requirements; vaccine safety and effectiveness that members can use in their educational efforts; and provided resources to assist with employer vaccine policies. Click HERE to find the AGC COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit. There are a lot of questions that have yet to be answered. AGC is reaching out to OSHA, FAR Council, Task Force, and other federal agencies, and will update AGC members as we learn more.

For more information, contact or (703) 837-5368.

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