Funding for Highway and Transit Programs Expire on September 30

September 16, 2021

Action is needed before the current one-year extension of the FAST Act surface transportation law expires September 30. The bipartisan infrastructure bill passed by the Senate over a month ago includes a record-breaking five-year surface transportation reauthorization and additional investments to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure. The House of Representatives has yet to vote on the bill, as Speaker Pelosi holds it for leverage to pass upwards of a $3.5 trillion human infrastructure bill. Meanwhile, thousands of construction jobs and projects are on the line. Not only will further delay impede a wide variety of new projects from hitting the street to bid, but funding for ongoing construction projects is also in jeopardy. If the bipartisan infrastructure bill does not pass before September 30, the federal-aid highway and transit construction programs will expire, causing a slowdown and eventual end to federal payments to states for transportation construction projects already underway.

Here is how you can help: AGC of America will be issuing an Action Alert for all members on September 21, so please check your email. In addition, be sure that your chapter has signed onto the State Organization Letter– the deadline to sign on is tomorrow (Friday), Sept 17 at 12:00 noon ET.

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