Speaker Pelosi & Moderate Democrats Agree to Vote on Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

August 26, 2021

Set a Non-Binding Sept. 27 Deadline; Highway & Transit Programs Expire Sept. 30

On August 24, Speaker Pelosi and several moderate Democrats agreed to pass the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill—formally entitled the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA)—no later than Sept. 27, before federal-aid highway and transit programs expire on Sept. 30. Included in the IIJA is the AGC-supported, record $304 billion, five-year Surface Transportation Reauthorization Act that makes investment in the nation’s highway, road, and bridge programs, representing a 34% increase in spending over current levels of funding. This Sept. 27 agreement came after AGC members sent over 10,000 messages to Capitol Hill to put pressure on Speaker Pelosi to take immediate action on passing the IIJA. However, the agreement is legally non-binding and was included as such in a procedural package—approved by party line vote—that also advanced consideration for the $3.5 trillion human infrastructure bill. Many progressive Democrats have largely dismissed this agreement and maintain that they will not vote for the IIJA without first voting on the human infrastructure bill. Several dozen Republicans would be needed to pass the IIJA without those progressive Democrats voting for it. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calf.) has not indicated whether he will urge Republicans to vote against the IIJA or not. AGC continues to meet with key House offices to urge them to support the construction industry by voting for the IIJA. 

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