OSHA Moves to Finalize COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard

April 29, 2021

AGC to Meet with White House

On April 26, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) submitted its draft COVID-19 ETS to the White House for final review. The review process generally takes a few weeks to no more than 90 days. Given the pressure the White House is under from organized labor, worker advocacy groups and Democrats, it is expected that the review process will be expedited. While there has been very limited opportunity to engage in the rulemaking process, AGC, along with their coalition partners will meet with the White House on Friday, April 30 to raise concerns about the process, question the need for such a rule after more than a year in the pandemic and highlight the efforts and successes of the construction industry to protect construction workers from the outset of the pandemic.

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