Trump Administration Regulatory Reform Framework Is Undone

January 21, 2021

President Biden Revokes Several Trump E.O.s 

On January 20, President Biden issued an executive order (EO) that rescinds many executive orders issued under the Trump Administration aimed at streamlining federal regulation. Among those rescinded are the EO that required federal agencies eliminate two old regulations for each new regulation issued and created a regulatory budget by establishing a regulatory cap on federal agencies (E.O. 13771); an EO that created a regulatory reform task force and regulatory reform officers to ensure the implementation of the Administration’s deregulatory agenda (E.O. 13777); and an EO that required agencies to include proposals for reducing mandatory spending whenever an agency proposed to undertake a discretionary administrative action that would increase mandatory spending (Executive Order 13893). That stated, this does not mean new federal regulations will be issued from agencies immediately. It generally takes many months and/or years to rollback regulations or issue new ones. AGC is prepared to fight regulatory actions that negatively impact the construction industry put forth by this administration, as it has done with every administration, regardless of political party.

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