General Building Contractors Association CLC Makes Executives Accessible to Emerging Construction Professionals

December 21, 2020

GBCA’s CLC has dedicated itself to help emerging construction professionals build relationships in the industry. The CLC’s Virtual Coffee Chats are putting leading construction executives and newer construction professionals into the (virtual) room together.

With COVID-19 response mostly eliminating in-person events in the Philadelphia region, GBCA’s CLC has worked to ensure that emerging professionals are able to introduce themselves to the industry’s leaders. The CLC’s Virtual Coffee Chats feature a construction executive sharing their stories of how they became leaders in the industry and answering questions from the audience. These 30-minute morning conversations create a casual and comfortable atmosphere for CLC members to connect with industry leaders.

Since October 2020, the Coffee Chats have featured Eric Lintner, CEO of Dale Construction; Ed DeAngelis, Founder of EDA Contractors, Inc.; Maura Hesdon, General Manager of Shoemaker Construction Co.; and Pat Pasquariello, CEO of P. Agnes, Inc. In addition to sharing their own stories about how they became executives in their companies, and established themselves as leaders in the industry, they answered specific questions about working in the construction industry.

The Coffee Chats also created space to talk about subjects usually reserved for more intimate conversations. Since each Coffee Chat is capped at 20 attendees, everyone has felt comfortable speaking candidly about their thoughts and concerns about working in the industry. The speakers touched on topics such as surviving in the industry, tips about what they look for in upcoming leaders in their respective companies, and advice they would give to their younger selves.

Taking off from the success of the first four Coffee Chats, the CLC is continuing the series into 2021, featuring executives such as Mack Stulb, President of LF Driscoll, and Todd Lofgren, General Manager and Executive Vice President of Skanska USA Building. Face-to-face meetings may be limited, but GBCA’s CLC is here to ensure that our future leaders access the mentorship that they need to thrive in the industry.

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