AGC Opposes Suspension/Repeal of Highway Trust Fund User Fees

August 20, 2020

On August 18, AGC, along with 14 other stakeholders in the transportation community, called on President Trump to oppose any temporary suspension or permanent repeal of dedicated federal user fees that generate revenue for the Highway Trust Fund (HTF). This call comes in light of a recent effort among other industry stakeholders seeking to temporarily suspend the federal excise tax on the purchase of new heavy trucks and trailers. Those in support of this measure have called for the lost revenue that such a suspension of the tax would create to be backfilled by Congress. However, AGC fears that a temporary suspension of any HTF funding mechanism could become permanent. The amount of revenue generated by this tax for the HTF can vary fiscal year to fiscal year. In fiscal year 2019, the tax generated approximately $5 billion in revenue for the HTF. AGC earlier in August sent the same message to congressional leaders. While AGC recognizes the need to provide economic relief on a multitude of fronts to the broader transportation community during this time, we cannot support any further exacerbation of the impending insolvency of the HTF and the loss of dedicated federal user fees.  

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