AGC BD Forum Member Highlight: Chris Martin, Atlas Marketing

July 8, 2020

Chris has worked in the construction industry for over 25 years in various marketing, business development and public relations positions.  

In 2008, Chris founded Atlas Marketing to tell stories for people who build things.  The agency, based in Pittsburgh, specializes in marketing, social media, digital development, crisis communications, public relations and marketing strategy.  Since inception, the agency has worked hard to simplify the complex stories of labor organizations, government agencies, general contractors, specialty contractors and statewide industry associations. In addition to being a member of the AGC BD Forum, Chris is co-host of the Building PA Podcast, a podcast that showcases the construction industry throughout Pennsylvania and a frequent speaker on the topics of crisis communications and telling stories for the construction industry.

Why did you join the AGC BD Forum?

I was finding great opportunities to support the industry at the regional level with the Master Builders Association in Pittsburgh.  When Bob McCall, MBA’s safety director brought the committee to my attention I felt it would be an even better way to get involved at the national level.  I thoroughly enjoy helping contractors and others in the industry tell their stories.

What benefits do you see from being a member of the AGC BD Forum?

The interaction and knowledge shared from other members of the Forum is the highlight for me.  I have found connecting and learning from other business development and marketing pros in the industry extremely helpful.  More important, I have made some good friends along the way and we all know how vital relationships are in this industry.

What can others gain from the BD Forum?

Best practices are what drew me to my participation as well as building relationships, but I believe that the most useful element of the Forum is the resources which are available.  Not only are their various articles, posts and webinars, but the opportunity to speak with others around the country has opened my eyes.  For example, during the COVID-19 crisis, I was able to learn from others about challenges overcome and solutions created that helped companies get back on track.  That information was helpful as we counseled clients.

What is the future of the AGC BD Forum?

The BD Forum will continue to provide vital resources to the industry.  I believe those resources will focus on digital innovation, social media and its use in telling a story and crisis communications.  As we have seen with the COVID-19 pandemic, proper and consistent communication will help companies survive and each of these topics move our industry toward a prepared future.


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