New ConstructorCast Episode: Cybersecurity and Construction

March 31, 2020

Construction firms are vulnerable to many forms of cyberattack, including social engineering, ransomware attacks, wire fraud, and hacking. On this episode, Nikki Ingram, a cybersecurity risk engineer with Zurich North America, talks about what you need to look out for and shares some tips and preventative measures that will help contractors protect themselves. Nikki also presented a breakout session on cyber risks at AGC’s 2020 Annual Convention in Las Vegas, click here for the slides. 

Additional Resources:

AGC of America has several on-demand webinar recordings covering cyber issues for contractors. Check out the collection on AGC’s Risk Management WebEd and Podcast Recordings page, which includes:
• New Cybersecurity – New Mandatory Requirements for Defense Contractors
• New FAR and DFARS Cybersecurity Requirements for Federal Contractors - What You Need to Know
• Wire Transfer Fraud: Understanding and Insuring the Risk

Zurich’s Cyber Liability Risk Management Web page:

National Institute of Standards and Technology Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Security (NIST Cybersecurity Framework) -- This voluntary Framework consists of standards, guidelines and best practices to manage cybersecurity risk, online at


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