GBCA CLC Takes the Spotlight and is Set for Growth in 2020

February 24, 2020

The General Building Contractors Association (GBCA) held its Annual Meeting on January 13, 2020 to look back on the past year’s successes of the association and its members, and to look forward to new initiatives in the upcoming year. This year, the event focused on the construction industry’s future, and featured speakers who spoke about developing young construction leaders and about the importance of supporting workforce development programs.

Mary Kate Radomski, Operations Manager of Frank V. Radomski & Sons, Inc. and GBCA’s CLC Chair, took the stage and spoke about the CLC’s role in building up Philadelphia’s next construction industry leaders. Mary Kate noted that despite having been around her family’s business and the construction industry since she was a child, she never really knew anyone outside of her company. “The CLC is a fantastic organization for bringing emerging professionals out of their shell,” Mary Kate explained. She went on to discuss the CLC’s networking opportunities and leadership development education events, and how she now has a second family in the CLC Steering Committee and GBCA’s Board of Directors.

Jamal Byrd, the Lead Instructor and past participant of the GBCA-sponsored Construction Apprentice Preparatory Program (CAPP), spoke of his experience becoming a Carpenters’ Apprentice after going through the pre-apprenticeship program. He noted how workforce development programs such as CAPP and the Carpenters’ Apprentice Ready Program provide life-changing opportunities for aspiring Union carpenters in the Philadelphia region. “I don’t believe in luck,” said Jamal, “I believe in being prepared for the opportunity.” He shared how his CAPP mentor said to him, “Byrd, I’m going to make you a carpenter,” a moment that motivated him to succeed as a union carpenter, as well as become a mentor to more Philadelphians looking for opportunities in the building trades.

In 2020, the CLC welcomes Paul McLaughlin of Shoemaker Construction Co. to the CLC Steering Committee. Paul will serve as the Government Affairs Chair and will also sit on GBCA’s Government Affairs Committee. The Steering Committee has also created an At-Large CLC meeting structure, which will be open to all GBCA members who want to contribute to the CLC’s activities. Ray Prince of Madison Risk Group (MRG) will serve as the At-Large CLC Committee Liaison, reporting back to the CLC Steering Committee. The CLC is excited for this strong start to 2020!

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