Business Development Forum Member Highlight: Meet Mauricio

February 17, 2020
Mauricio Henderson, 37, is the President of Perseverance in Denver, Colorado. Mauricio joined AGC's Business Development Forum for access to a peer network to get other peoples perspectives on industry challenges and share information that can add value to other organizations. Mauricio states that the "BD Forum is beneficial because we all have blind spots and it gives us a platform to help member organizations grow and become more effective."
Mauricio is a tremendous advocate for the construction industry by engaging the youth in the construction workforce and helping the construction business community.“I have been given a unique talent to connect others to amazing construction employment opportunities and information. I continue to make a tremendous impact in diverse communities that surround all of us. My passion is connecting someone to an employment opportunity or providing valuable information and them just smiling and saying thank you. I hope we all can succeed together."

A graduate of the Tidewater Building Association Pre-Apprenticeship Program, Mauricio started his career as an electrical helper. After working in the trade for a year, he began his electrical apprenticeship at Tidewater Community College. During this time, he had the opportunity to work on numerous construction projects such as residential, commercial, maritime, and industrial. After working in the electrical trade for over ten years, he started his own construction workforce company called Perseverance. With his passion to help others, he knows that true leadership is not about how far you advance but how far you help others advance.

Mauricio really enjoys giving back and helping others find employment in our industry. He is the Co-Chair for AGC of Colorado Diversity Committee and a Committee Member for the Colorado State Youth Council, Transportation and Construction Girl, Denver Metro Construction Sector Partnership and WORKNOW, just to name a few. He is a very active member of AGC of Colorado.

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