CLC Volunteers From the Builders' Association in Kansans City, Missouri Upgrade Outdoor Residential Space for Friends of Johnson County Developmental Supports (JCDS)

November 22, 2019

CLC volunteers from the Builder’s Association in Kansas City, Missouri braved the humidity on Saturday, August 10, 2019, to transform the outdoor areas of an Overland Park Missouri residence into an attractive and welcoming landscape. The residence is owned and operated by Friends of JCDS (Johnson County Developmental Supports), Inc., a non-profit that provides affordable and accessible housing and other services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“We had planted clover and native grasses in the front yard but couldn’t get anything to grow,” said Janel Bowers, Chief Development and Operations Officer, Friends of JCDS. “The CLC volunteers removed the weeds and replaced them with mulch and a variety of shade-loving plants like wild ginger, which will reduce the need for ongoing maintenance.”

Last year, a deck was added to the back of the home. The deck was made possible with an affordable housing program grant from the FHL Bank of Topeka, said Janel. Chad Lane, P.E., 2019 CLC Community Service Chair and Project Manager, JE Dunn Construction Company, power washed the deck earlier in the week and on Saturday, the CLC team sealed it to protect it from water and sun damage.

An enclosure was also needed so the trash containers could be hidden from the street and neighboring properties in compliance with Overland Park regulations, commented Janel. The CLC built the new enclosure on the east side of the house. Although the event was originally scheduled from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., several CLC members stayed until 2 p.m. to complete the enclosure.

Janel explained how the CLC’s participation came about. “Jason Wright [Vice President, JE Dunn Construction Company] had attended a Leadership Lenexa class. He was looking for a community service project and called me. He worked on two residences for us, and when Chad [Lane] was looking for a project, he found out about this house from Jason.”

Friends of JCDS is in the process of purchasing its fourteenth home, noted Janel. “The homes are universally designed to be accessible and barrier free, and they are affordable at $325 per month per resident.”

Kudos to Chad Lane for organizing the event and to all of the CLC volunteers.

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