Davis-Bacon Compliance Training Two-Part WebEd Series (Beginner and Advanced Level)

November 30, 2018

December 11, 2018 – AND – December 13, 2018 | 2 – 3:30 PM EST

The application of the Davis-Bacon and Related Acts (DBRA) to federal and federally assisted construction projects leaves many contractors uncertain about the requirements of federal prevailing wage laws and the consequences of non-compliance. Failure to comply puts covered contractors at risk of catastrophic consequences, from high-dollar penalties to debarment from future federal work. This two-part webinar series seeks to help such contractors avoid those risks by educating staff tasked with DBRA compliance and administration on coverage, requirements, pitfalls, and enforcement of these laws.  Both presentations are led by a DOL Wage and Hour official and supported by an attorney from a leading Wage and Hour Litigation Practice Group and two representatives of Clarke Construction Group.

Part 1 (beginner level) on December 11th, is perfect if you are a new staff person responsible for federal contract compliance or you’ve been in your role for a while and need a refresher course. This presentation will provide an introduction to DBRA coverage and how to read and interpret a wage determination. The training will also cover DBRA compliance principles, Wage and Hour Division’s investigative techniques, and the administrative process for concluding an investigation, including withholding contract funds and debarment.

Part 2 (advanced level) on December 13th, will perform a deeper dive into the intricacies and unique challenges of the laws. The second part of the training will be focused on contract clause 29 CFR 5.5(a)(6) – the regulation requiring prime contractors to keep their subcontractors and lower tired subcontractors in compliance. The “Best Practices Plan” that was developed by the US Department of Labor, Wage Hour and Division (WHD) with founding AGC member, Clark Construction, will be used to offer strategies for effectively policing subcontractors on DBRA covered projects.

RECOMMENDED FOR FEDERAL PRIME AND SUBCONTRACTORS! Find more information or register here.

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