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Spring 2018 Regulatory Agenda Unveils Priorities of Federal Labor Agencies

May 10, 2018

On May 9, 2018, the Trump Administration unveiled its Spring 2018 Unified Agenda of Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions mapping out federal agency priorities for the coming months.  This bi-annual publication informs the public of regulations under consideration or planned by federal agencies. The present agenda includes several submissions by labor agencies.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s submission updates projected timelines for action already in progress and adds several new actions of relevance to construction contractors, such as a:

  • proposed rule revising the overtime regulations;
  • proposed rule to update the child labor protections to allow teenagers to work longer hours in hazardous conditions;
  • proposed rule to revise the law governing time-and-a-half overtime calculations by redefining the regular rate of pay;
  • final rule establishing criteria for the sponsorship of association health plans; and a
  • final rule to rescind the persuader rule.”

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission also revealed plans for several actions.  Most notably are reports of initiatives to revise its regulations governing employer-sponsored wellness programs.

The National Labor Relations Board announced its timeline for considering responses to a recent Request for Information regarding its controversial “quickie election” rule.  In a more surprising announcement, the Board disclosed that it is considering rulemaking to address another controversial matter in which it has been enmeshed for the past few years, the standard for determining joint-employer status.

AGC regularly provides input on regulatory actions through the public comment process and stakeholder meetings with agencies and the administration.  AGC will monitor and consider participation in these actions, and will notify members of significant developments.

Industry Priorities: 
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