Taking the Burden Out of Research

November 1, 2017

Jenny Grounds, BOUDREAUX

The idea of performing market research can often feel like a burden for small marketing groups. The everyday tasks already on your to-do list can easily fill up a 40-hour work week. Where do you find the time to research, compile, and analyze piles of data on top of everything else? Market research doesn’t have to be complex or require robust, expensive studies to be effective. By breaking it into small, manageable pieces, you can gather information that will directly benefit your A/E/C firm without overtasking your teams.

Like any task you perform, research needs to be carefully planned and carried out with a clear objective in mind. Research can help answer questions about the services you perform, the strengths/weaknesses of your A/E/C firm, what opportunities are available, and how your clients procure your services. Many times, organizations are focused in the wrong areas and overlook what the data is telling them, or they have an unrealistic view of how they are positioned in the marketplace. Marketing teams can play a vital role in driving the direction and strategic position of the firm. By taking a simple, grass-roots approach, you can break down this task into small parts that any member of your team can perform.

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