New Business Development Best Practice: First Contact: Using Incentives and Automation to Spur Web Visitors to Action

October 30, 2017

The Business Development Best Practices are an ongoing effort by the AGC Business Development Forum Steering Committee to bring more BD resources and best practices to the AGC membership. Written and developed by industry experts in Business Development, these best practices cover a wide range of topics, from relationship building and sales to marketing and proposals.

This month, the Business Development Forum Steering Committee highlights:

  • Companies spend significant resources on online marketing only to be left wondering why it’s not working. It’s not surprising. Gaining traction through content alone is not easy—especially if you want to do more than build awareness.  In her article, “First Contact: Using Incentives and Automation to Spur Web Visitors to Action”, Ida Cheinman, Substance151, walks you through her strategy to nurture your website visitors so that they are ready to be engaged prospects.  

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